SmileBox Starter Set 

A healthy smile. All year round.

Starts at 810.- THB

Never gone out to buy a new toothbrush? Why start now? Grab your yearly supply of essentials for healthy teeth and a confident smile.

  • 3S Toothbrush  + Travel Box

  • U-Brush Tongue Cleaner

  • 90g X-Tra Fresh Toothpaste

  • Mint-flavored Floss

  • Home Whitening Kit + Refill Gels - Optional*

  • Refill Delivered Every 3 Months


Braces Box

Brace yourself. Clean braces are coming.

Starts at 990.- THB

Braces never clean? We've put together all the must-have's in one bag. 

  • OrthoBrush  + Travel Box

  • U-Brush Tongue Cleaner

  • 90g X-Tra Clean Toothpaste

  • L-Brush Interdental Cleaner

  • Flooper Set (Floss & Threader)

  • Wire Wax

  • Refill Delivered Every 3 Months


Never run out.

Get yearly supply of oral care essentials. Delivered to your doorstep.


Oral Care Essentials

3S ToothBrush

225.- THB

Supersoft bristles. Safe for your teeth and gums. Comes with travel box. 

Available in 4 colors. 


Betweeners (Floss)

120.- THB

Cleans between your teeth. Prevents bad breath, dental caries and gum disease.

Flavor: Mint


X-Tra Fresh ToothPaste

225.- THB

12 hours freshness. Ingredients your teeth needs.

Flavor: Cold Mint