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Which brush should I use? 3S or the OrthoBrush?

If you're currently wearing metal braces, use the OrthoBrush. If you're not, use the 3S Toothbrush.

Can I buy the brushes seperately?

Yes. You can choose to buy the brushes seperately. However, you can save a lot more with the refill delivery sets. Click here to see which set suits you best.


How are the two formulas different?

Go for the X-Tra Fresh if you're not wearing braces. We've added a little more abrasive powder to make sure your metal braces, and wires are clean. Don't worry though, they're still perfectly safe for your teeth.

How many grams is one tube?

Each tube is 90g.


What are the bristles made of?

U-Brush bristles are made of nylon. They are however harder and stronger than the bristles on our 3S Brush and OrthoBrush. Do NOT use U-Brush for your teeth.

Can I use the U-Brush on my teeth?

No. For obvious reasons, it will be very difficult AND DANGEROUS to do so. We recommend using the 3S ToothBrush (if you don't have braces) or the OrthoBrush (if you have braces on).

How long will the U-Brush last?

it will last you a good 3 months. Don't forget to replace your U-Brush with new ones for hygiene purposes.

How do I use the U-Brush?

Follow these steps.


I don't have braces on, can I use the L-Brush?

Yes, you can. If you do not have receding gums, DO NOT use the L-Brush to clean between your teeth. We recommend using the Betweeners.

How do I use the L-Brush for my braces?

1. Place the L-Brush behind the wire, in between two brackets. 2. Push the brush towards one bracket, and move brush in an up-down motion 10 times (or until you feel it's clean) 3. Push the brush towards the other bracket, and move brush in an up-down motion 10 times (or until you feel it's clean). 4. Repeat steps 1-3 on all brackets.

Home Whitening Kit

What's included in the Home Whitening Kit?

1. LED Light & Mouth Tray - Built in 15-minute timer.

2. 3 GEL PENS - Non-peroxide to gaurantee no sensitivity.

3. SHADE GUIDE - Check your teeth color before and after the session

4. USB CHARGER - Plug & charge.

Is there a refill kit?

Yes. You can keep up with your whitening using the Refill Gel Pens.

Will I feel any sensitivity?

No. Our gels DO NOT contain any peroxide - which is the main ingredient to cause sensitivity.